Graphic design

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Four illustrations made for their juice campaign in June 2019. My work was used in,
for example, the animations, banners and social media posts made by Mainostoimisto Ilme.

"The taste you will remember". Riitan Herkku's juices will take you to a journey into your memories.


The goal of this project was to create an illustration for four different juices to be used in
both the campaign itself and also other possible materials afterwards.  

In the campaign they wanted to introduce the authenticity and nostalgia of the juices. In the
animations, the main character drinks the juices and then travels into his/her memories which are golden and happy. 
The goal of the illustrations was to bring those memories into life with all their colors.

I used both ink pens and watercolors and then Adobe Photoshop to finish them up. It was
important to use the colors of the juice's packages.



Ronja Rikissa Art