Professional services in the field of graphic design, 
marketing and arts - with great passion!

Unique and diverse illustrations both traditionally and digitally, eye-catching paintings and showy photo manipulation art.

For example:

- book-, magazine- and album cover illustrations

- print design for fabrics

- painted shoes customized by the customer's own idea

- beautiful portraits by the means of photo manipulation

--> you name it!

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I can design and produce...


- logos and symbols

- visual designs for brands, enterprises and events 

- visual designs for both print and digital use (posters, ads, flyers, banners... etc.)

- photography and photo manipulation

--> you name it!

Customized projects that could include - for example - one or several of following expertises:

- social media content creation

- advertising and campaigns

- banners, profile pictures & visual designs

- tips and instructions on how to develop one's social media marketing

- tracking development and succeeding, Google Analytics

- photographing products, services and events 


Ronja Rikissa Art